Ep 20 1

Lots of rubbish and broken vines have been scattered all across the African jungle. The animals need to clean up the mess.


Main Zoo

Lucy slips over a banana peel and is saved by Boris. Georgina is advising her to keep a lookout for rubbish.


The animals wanted to play fun, but there is a mess all across the jungle. Some of the animals keep on slipping, due to lots of banana peels scattered across the African jungle. The cause of the mess was the two monkeys, who were being the culprits.

The animals are cleaning up the messy jungle. Georgina is convincing the monkeys to clean up the mess. As the monkeys woke up during sunset, a playground was built. The monkeys are taught a lesson for causing a big mess in the jungle and not helping. The monkeys started to build a slide made of banana peels. The animals had fun after cleaning up the mess.

Moral Ending

The playground was actually made out of rubbish. Lucy would like to visit this place sometime.



64 Zoo Lane - The Jungle Clearing S01E20 HD Cartoon for kids11:07

64 Zoo Lane - The Jungle Clearing S01E20 HD Cartoon for kids

Nick Jr./PBS Kids Sprout Edits

  • When Georgina (dubbed by Diane Perry) is narrating, the word "rubbish" was edited to "garbage". This is because US viewers do not say "rubbish" in some territories. Herbert still calls the garbage "rubbish" in this version.


  • Georgina calls both monkeys as "boys". However, one monkey is male and the other is female.


  • This episode is very similar to the Franklin book, "Franklin is Messy".

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