Ep 35 1

Cleopatra is visiting the African savannah and the animals prepare a special feast for her.


Main Zoo

Lucy is disguised an inspector, pretending to be someone important. These props contain a fedora hat, two sunglasses, and a fake moustache. Lucy decides to give a rating for a story that is told by Molly.


One morning, the animals are gathered around to listen to the news. William stated that Cleopatra is visiting the African savannah at noon. As the animals are talking about her, the fuss began to annoy Reginald. The animals were determined to pick the food suitable for Cleopatra.

That evening, the animals prepare a big banquet for Cleopatra. A red carpet (made by leaves) is rolled towards the savannah for the visitor to come. As soon as the banquet is prepared, there was no sign of Cleopatra.

A few minutes later, we see a porcupine arriving in the banquet. She represents her name as "Cleopatra" (or "Patsy"). Patsy and the animals decide to have a party while hiccuping. The animals had a great banquet for Patsy.

Moral Ending

Lucy gave the story a ten. Molly is also praised for being a great storyteller. Nelson gave her disguise a ten too. The monkeys begin removing her disguise in order to go back to bed.

First Appearances

  • Cousin Chuckles the Monkey (indirect reference only)
  • Patsy the Porcupine
  • Reginald's Mother (mentioned only)



64 Zoo Lane - The Story of the Important Visitor S02E09 HD11:18

64 Zoo Lane - The Story of the Important Visitor S02E09 HD


  • This is the first appearance of Patsy in an animated episode, despite being shown in the opening song in Season 1 and 2.

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