Suit me... and good riddance!
~ Ronald, yelling at his assistant for complaining about his dislikes.
Ep 15 1

Ronald and the Tic Tic Bird have a big argument about their friendship life. Many animals try to get their friendship back.


Main Zoo

Lots of animals are busy talking in a queue. Audrey, an ostrich, is the only animal who isn't talking to the others.


Each animal had a best friend, including Ronald, who has a bird that can eat all the nasty ticks on his back. Both animals have a great friendship until one day. Ronald gets annoyed by the bird's whistle. He gets also very upset with Ronald in the habit for bashing boulders. This causes the friendship to break up. While Ronald has too many ticks on his back, the Tic Tic Bird is trying to get his friendship back from the other animals.

Upon meeting Audrey, no animal has had any problem at all. She thought of someone being helped, but their friendship is still broken up. At the Baobab Tree, Ronald and the Tic Tic Bird get their friendship back. The Tic Tic Bird decided to eat all the ticks on his back. The one thing that bothered the two was Audrey talking about them.

Moral Ending

Lucy is very happy with Audrey for making friends again. Audrey goes back to sleep by putting her head in the sand.



64 Zoo Lane - Ronald and the Tic Tic Bird S01E15 HD11:24

64 Zoo Lane - Ronald and the Tic Tic Bird S01E15 HD


  • When Ronald is talking to Audrey about the ticks on his back, his tongue disappears for a random time.

Repeating Scenes

  • The Tic Tic Bird sits down besides Ronald's horn and many ticks fell into his mouth.

Nick Jr./PBS Kids Sprout Edits

  • As Ronald is complaining about the ticks on his back, the phrase "Stupid little insects" was edited to "Silly little insects.".


  • Despite being listed as Episode 21 (which aired on March 11, 2001), this is actually Episode 15.
  • This is the only episode which doesn't feature background scenery as the closing curtains. Instead, this part is replaced by Audrey leaving the tall grass. The grass is animated, which is substituted for the background curtains.

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