Ep 47 1

Melanie gets the gifts from her friends for her birthday. However, she dislikes the gifts given by her friends. Melanie prompts the three to give her a unique gift.


Main Zoo

Lucy sees Nelson who has tripped over. The animals thought everyone put up a gym instead of storytelling.

Main Zoo

It is snowing in the North American forest. Melanie has no presents for tomorrow, because it's her birthday. The animals try to cheer her up with a surprise present. She tries to spin like a chipmunk, but the attempt was futile. Randolph shows her the most edible mushroom in his farm as a suggestion.

Next, Beverley chops down a big tree to make the piece of wood a present for Melanie. Also, Boris gives out a jar of honey and syrup as a tasty mixture. Soon, Melanie was trying to swim like some salmon in the river, but nothing happened.

The next day, Melanie tries to fly like an eagle, but nothing has ever happened. The other animals give Melanie three presents. Melanie still doesn't like the gifts. The animals give out a special present for Melanie: a snowboard. Melanie enjoys her new birthday present.

Moral Ending

Nelson is safe after tripping over. He is very jealous with the monkeys about sticking with gymnastics. Lucy should now stick to stories instead of gymnastics every night.

First Appearances

  • Alfie and Charlie the Chipmunks (no lines)
  • Unnamed eagle (no lines)



64 Zoo Lane - Melanie's Birthday Present S02E21 HD11:20

64 Zoo Lane - Melanie's Birthday Present S02E21 HD


  • Before this episode was uploaded as a standalone, this episode was included in a compilation video on December 2014.
    • However, the audio of this episode in the video is off sync.

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