Ep 33 1

Herbert tries to keep a secret from Victor after getting a seed from him. The seed grows into a watermelon which can be seen from miles away and cause problems for the animals.


Main Zoo

Lucy thought everyone is in line. Boris fools her and gives a good surprise for her, but Victor interrupts. He told everyone to keep a secret.


The animals are having fun in the water hole until Victor shows up. The animals backlash on him for splashing water with his tail. Victor is punished by the animals for doing mean and nasty things at the water hole. Victor gets Herbert's attention about the watermelon used as a ball. He tells him about a strange watermelon ever seen after the rainy season.

Victor holds up a seed on his claw. He offers Herbert to be his friend in order to get it. He ends up bargaining with Herbert about the seed when planted will cause a humongous watermelon, which will taste juicier and grow faster at the top of the hills.

Soon as Herbert planted the seed on the soil, the watermelon grew quicker on the top. Back at the savannah, Herbert is trying to keep a secret from the animals about the watermelon. The watermelon is growing bigger this morning.

Herbert asked Victor about the giant watermelon at the top of the hill. It is revealed that Victor actually tricked him in making a deal, which is a very notorious deed. Herbert is trying to prevent the big fruit from causing havoc by placing barriers. With the barriers placed, Herbert decided to eat the melon. The watermelon keeps growing and Herbert can't finish off the whole fruit.

The next day, the watermelon is bigger than ever. The animals could see the watermelon from every point of distance. The animals were very concerned about the watermelon growing countless times every second. They approached Herbert to see it was he who is causing trouble. Herbert asked the animals that Victor told him to keep a secret. It is revealed that this action is very mean and nasty, as explained by Zed.

Nelson has a problem about the watermelon seen from a distance. He draws a map of Africa to indicate where the watermelon is going to destroy all the important locations in serious damage. According to the map, the watermelon is on top of the hill. As explained by Nelson, the watermelon will destroy the baobab tree, the nest of Audrey, and the water hole with massive havoc.

Victor decided to watch his creation from a distance. Soon, Nelson creates a plan to stop the watermelon. It all started when Herbert and Ronald made a trail for the big melon. Nelson created a ramp made out of rocks. Nathalie is hired to chew the stalk, causing the watermelon to crash into a wall where Victor is standing. Soon, he is soaked by watermelon juice. The animals started drinking some of the juice, which tickled him as a lesson.


Eddie tries to go past the watermelon, but is unable to, due to the fruit blocking his path. He ends up in tears and walks away.

Moral Ending

Victor is annoyed by the laughing animals. He refuses to be tickled with many dislikes of happy endings. Victor began asking Lucy to go to bed and not to tell him to say any positive information. Lucy began asking Victor that he is always mean and nasty. Everyone, including Victor, began saying "Good night" to Lucy.



64 Zoo Lane - The Watermelon of Doom S02E07 HD11:15

64 Zoo Lane - The Watermelon of Doom S02E07 HD


  • In the part where Herbert is chewing the giant watermelon, a glitch occurs, which renders the episode like if it were a scratched DVD. The episode becomes a glitch at least twice.


  • In some episode guides, this title is shortened as "The Watermelon of Doom".

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