Ep 43 1

Cousin Chuckles arrives in the jungle, but is very different from Giggles and Tickles. Without any laughter, the jungle becomes very quiet and the animals are bored without any tricks.


Main Zoo

Lucy is very tired after having a long day at school. She mentions about doing activities until getting bored.


Giggles and Tickles are having fun by playing tricks on the animals. Soon, the parrots are having an announcement that another monkey is arriving in the jungle. That monkey is very different than the other two. He is very serious and he does not like jokes that much.

The next day, the animals got bored without any tricks, even Chuckles himself. He is suggested to visit Doctor Gordon. Doctor Gordon gives him a book about how to do real laugh. He started reading the book given by Doctor Gordon.

The animals are still bored and are waiting for a surprise. Chuckles started playing tricks to the other animals and everyone started laughing. The monkeys have made the greatest tricks in the jungle, having their cousin getting in to funny lessons.

Moral Ending

Lucy wondered if there would be lessons about laughter at school tomorrow. Lucy also learned that laughter is also a good medicine to those feeling bored.

First Appearances

  • Cousin Chuckles the Monkey



64 Zoo Lane - Cousin Chuckles S02E17 HD Cartoon for kids11:19

64 Zoo Lane - Cousin Chuckles S02E17 HD Cartoon for kids


  • During the quote "Excuse me", the screen shows a minor glitch, which makes the screen look like a scratched disc. This was fixed in the American version by Lobster Films.


  • The quote "Animals, birds, and insects" is a reference from Episode 31. It is said by Chuckles near the end of the story.

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