You ain't seen nothing yet! This year, I'm gonna build the biggest, greatest, GRANDEST, log dam in the whole wide world!
~ Beverley explaining how she will build a big dam no one has ever seen.
Ep 22 1

Beverley almost causes a deforestation of fir trees in the forest while trying to build a bigger dam. She was very selfish while cutting down many trees.


Main Zoo

The monkeys are trying to share popcorn with Lucy, but she refuses to. Georgina begs pardon for Lucy to share. Lucy thinks of herself about selfishness.


What a selfish beaver!
~ Boris, upset about Beverley's busy behaviour.

The North American forest is filled with fir trees. Melanie used to scratch her antlers in one of the trees when her antlers got itchy. Randolph has his mushrooms shaded by the trees. Boris has a fallen tree where bees are making honey.

Beverley was the only one who was wanting to build a bigger dam. She started cutting down many trees. Randolph notices that his mushrooms will wither without the trees. She also chopped down Melanie's relaxing tree. She also took the fallen tree in which Boris was using for honey.

Beverley was alerted by Boris, Randolph, and Melanie for stealing all the trees while trying to build a big dam. The animals try to find another forest as Beverley almost finished building her dam. She notices everything was deserted and her friends are moving away. She was very unhappy how she took Melanie's scratching post, stealing Boris's honey tree, and causing all of Randolph's mushroom to wither.

Beverley soon was back to her dam. She got angry with herself about the useless masterpiece by stealing all the fallen logs. She soon found Melanie, Randolph, and Boris about finding a new home. Boris offered some seeds to grow new trees are replacements. Beverley thought to herself about building a massive forest.

Moral Ending

Lucy has finally understood the true meaning of selfishness. Lucy has ran out of popcorn for the monkeys. The monkeys have already finished half the bag of popcorn before the story ended. Lucy talked to them that she'll get more popcorn for tomorrow.


Nick Jr./PBS Kids Sprout Edits

  • All the uses of the word "stupid" was censored to "silly".


  • In the subtitles by NBC Universal, "fir trees" was misspelled as "fur trees".


  • Several times in the subtitles by NBC Universal, "Beverley" is spelled "Beverly".
  • This episode is very similar to the Dr. Seuss book, The Lorax.


64 Zoo Lane - Beverly the Beaver S01E22 HD11:19

64 Zoo Lane - Beverly the Beaver S01E22 HD

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