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Season 2 premiered on BBC and CBBC on 2001. The rest of the episodes premiered on CBeebies in 2002 and the last episode aired on 2003.


Below here is a chart of episodes listed in order based on official uploads.

Image Name No. Setting Description
Ep 27 25 The Story of Reginald's Big Sleep 27 Africa Lots of noises start to bother Reginald trying to sleep, so he tries to keep the noises from disturbing his sleep.
Ep 28 71 The Story of the Dawn Chorus 28 Africa Doris gets annoyed by many singing animals, so she decides to make her own dawn chorus.
Ep 29 68 The Story of Phoebe the Koala 29 Africa Phoebe has very difficult time doing activities.
Ep 30 16 The Story of Hercule Moustache 30 North Pole A walrus named "Mister Moustache" complains about going on a trip.
Ep 31 41 The Story of Kevin's Magic Trick 31 Africa Kevin decides to put up a magic show when the animals can't do anything under the sun.
Ep 32 43 The Story of Isabel the Flamingo 32 Africa Isabel, Annabelle, and Mirabelle ended up picking on Pauline to copy her, but the three find out that everyone can learn a lot from each other.
Ep 33 41 The Story of Herbert and the Watermelon of Doom 33 Africa Herbert is tricked by Victor after making new friends; this seed actually becomes a giant watermelon.
Ep 34 12 The Story of Alan the Aardvark 34 Africa Alan goes on a break after annoying the animals in his chatterbox habit. He is then asked to save the animals from the ants.
Ep 35 55 The Story of the Important Visitor 35 Africa The animals prepare a feast for Cleopatra; as soon as sunrise comes down, the animals are very hungry. Cleopatra finally arrives during sundown.
The Puffins of Mossy Bay The Story of the Puffins of Mossy Bay 36 Mossy Bay Island Four puffins in one small island cause mischief with their grumpy coach. The four decide to prove him wrong about football.
Ep 37 65 The Story of Ronald and Rosie 37 Africa Ronald tries to make Rosie fall in love with him.
Ep 38 9 The Story of Nathalie's Neighbours 38 Africa Nathalie has a hard time finding new neighbours after she didn't want Herbert to be her neighbour.
Ep 39 41 The Story of Casper the Chameleon 39 Africa A chameleon named Casper ends up doing camouflaging of mischief, but learns when it is the right time to use it.
Ep 40 94 The Story of Seamus the Stork 40 Africa Seamus crashes into the tree, losing his feathers. The other birds try to get his feathers back.
Ep 41 68 The Story of Gary's Best Friend 41 Africa Gary thinks Zed is vain, but is soon conflicted by copying him. Meanwhile, the animals hated Zed until he apologises to the innocent camel.
Ep 42 19 The Story of Georgina's Bumbleberry Soup 42 Africa Georgina hires the animals to watch over her favourite soup while trying to find the whisk. However, the animals instead deliver wrong ingredients.
Ep 43 71 The Story of Cousin Chuckles 43 Africa The jungle becomes quiet and the animals are bored without any laughter, so Cousin Chuckles must visit Doctor Gordon to bring the fun back.
Ep 44 69 The Story of Joey's Camping Trip 44 Australia Janet thinks Joey is too young to go camping with his friends. It is stated Joey is now a big boy during his trip.
The Monster in the Forest The Story of the Monster in the Forest 45 South America Jazz, Leopoldo, and Taco try to scare Adam with many traps, but nothing happened. Adam sets off to look for Annie.
Ep 46 103 The Story of Boris the Bear 46 North America Boris has amnesia about where he put his honeycomb. This results in going backwards to find it, causing havoc.
Ep 47 75 The Story of Melanie's Birthday Present 47 North America Melanie has no gift for her birthday, so the animals decide to give her three gifts. Soon, Melanie prefers to have her own gift.
Ep 48 43 The Story of Petula the Parrot 48 Africa The monkeys are tricked by a parrot whose after stealing the fruit from her. The monkeys try to get together with the aide of Nelson, but soon made more fruit fall. This gives out more food for the parrots.
Ep 49 62 The Story of Victor the Crocodile 49 Africa The animals are banned by Victor to find water elsewhere. The animals found water in the springs, which dried up the water hole. The animals get very angry with Victor for being very selfish. The only way to make everyone trustworthy is to be completely sorry.
Ep 50 38 The Story of the Hyenas' Holiday 50 Africa Harry and his family get completely lost, so the four asked Georgina for directions. Soon, all the hyenas were in real trouble.
Ep 51 46 The Story of Herbert's Peaceful Day 51 Africa Herbert gets punished by the other animals for making noises at dawn. The animals give him a challenge to stay silent for one whole day by sunset or the giant watermelon will be lost.
Ep 52 49 The Story of Annie the Anaconda 52 South America The animals follow a trail of treasure to a giant mountain, which contains real treasure. It can only be obtained for those who share.



  • Lucy
  • Georgina the Giraffe
  • Boris the Bear
  • Molly the Hippo
  • Tickles and Giggles the Monkey
  • Nelson the Elephant
  • Reginald the Lion
  • Nathalie the Antelope
  • Zed the Zebra
  • Ronald the Rhino
  • The Tic Tic Bird
  • Audrey the Ostrich
  • Herbert the Warthog
  • Doris the Duck
  • William the Weaverbird
  • Esmeralda the Snake
  • Isabel the Flamingo
  • Kevin the Crocodile
  • Toby the Turtle
  • Phoebe the Koala
  • Joey the Kangaroo
  • Jimmy the Kangaroo
  • Mr. Platypus
  • Wally the Wombat
  • Snowbert the Polar Bear
  • Sidney the Seal
  • Dennis the Dromedary (unheard speaking lines only)
  • "Fuzzy the Spider" (no lines)
  • Pauline the Pelican
  • Victor the Crocodile
  • Eddie the Hippo (no lines)
  • Alan the Aardvark
  • Thunder (no lines)
  • Harry the Hyena
  • Seamus the Stork
  • The Snip Snip Bird
  • Gary the Dromedary
  • Doctor Gordon Gorilla
  • Janet the Kangaroo
  • Jazz the Jaguar
  • Leopoldo the Llama
  • Adam the Armadillo
  • Melanie the Moose
  • Beverley the Beaver
  • Randolph the Raccoon


  • Hercule Mustache the Walrus
  • Thelma the Whale (no lines)
  • Annabelle the Flamingo
  • Mirabelle the Flamingo
  • Patsy the Porcupine
  • Reginald's Mother (mentioned only)
  • Gunnar the Seagull (no lines)
  • Thomas, Sharon, Lewis, and Jamie the Puffins
  • Jack Big Claw the Crab (no lines)
  • Rosie the Rhino
  • Rosie's Tic Tic Bird (no lines)
  • Casper the Chameleon
  • Granddad Chameleon
  • Georgina's Grandmother (mentioned only)
  • Cousin Chuckles the Monkey
  • Taco the Toucan
  • Annie the Anaconda
  • Alfie and Charlie the Chipmunks (no lines)
  • Unnamed eagle (no lines)
  • Petula the Parrot
  • Itchy Quatzel the Mysterious Mountain

Differences between Season 1 and 2

  • The opening titles almost have the same font like in the French version.
  • Most of the characters are given eyebrows whether angry or sad.
  • When Beverley shouts "Timber!", her voice is different.


Note: Only add in the scenes shown in almost every episode.


  • This is the last season that is shown in traditional animation.
  • This was originally going to be the series finale, but the animators decided to revive the series after eight years of reruns. Production for the third series began in 2008.
    • Shortly after the series, the writers (John Grace and Jill McGreal) passed away. Gillian Corderoy (the writer of Postman Pat) is hired to write the stories for the episodes.

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