When the volcano rumbles, the animals must shelter before... before...
~ Esmeralda, having amnesia about the volcano rumbling.

Rumble Mountain

Rumble Mountain (better to be known as the volcano) is an ancient location which has not erupted for years. It is where Herbert and his friends performed at a concert. It is also used as an amphitheater. In some episodes, it starts erupting.


Season 1

  • The Story of Herbert the Warthog (first appearance)

Season 2

  • The Story of the Dawn Chorus
  • The Story of Kevin's Magic Trick
  • The Story of the Hyena's Holiday

Season 3

  • The Story of Alan's Catchy Tune
  • The Story of Zed the Hero of Africa

Season 4

  • The Story of the End of the Rainy Season Clean


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