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Ohh... That's me tummy rumbling! Seamus doesn't need this fish. I'll take it and catch another one from him later!
~ Pauline's first lines.


Pauline the Pelican is a pelican and a friend with Isabel. She lives in Waterlily Lake. Pauline, sometimes, is very curious about her experiences.

Physical Appearance

Pauline has grass-like hair and is based on a great white pelican. She has a yellow beak and two webbed feet, which are also yellow.


She is usually very curious and usually has a good relationship with many animals. As revealed in her first appearance, she was to be on a lookout for thieves who try to steal food. Even though she was stealing her friends's food, she's not really a villain. She is just actually an anti-heroine.

In her next appearance, Pauline has a partner named Isabel. Isabel is usually an instructor to Pauline. Pauline can sometimes be clumsy and eventually very funny.


Season 1

  • The Story of Pauline the Pelican (first appearance)

Season 2

  • The Story of Isabel the Flamingo
  • The Story of Nathalie's Neighbours
  • The Story of Seamus the Stork
  • The Story of Georgina's Bumbleberry Soup (singing lines only)

Season 4

  • The Story of the Flamingo Festival




  • Pauline is based on a great white pelican as stated above.
  • She is the first character whose name starts with the letter "P".
  • Pauline has a big beak in numerous scenes of her major appearances, despite not eating a single food. This is possibly animation error.
  • Her first appearance was Episode 11, despite being shown in the opening song. She is seen dancing with William, Herbert, Ronald, and Audrey after Kevin bit Victor's tail.
  • Pauline is replaced by Alan in the Adobe Flash version during the opening theme.
  • Pauline is smaller than the flamingos. In real life, a pelican is larger than a flamingo.
  • She and Isabel are friends.
  • Pauline cannot talk with a lot of food in her mouth. Instead, she just mumbles.
  • Her costume from Episode 32 almost bears a resemblance to a pink-backed pelican. Though she is depicted as a great white pelican, a pink-backed pelican has pink hue and it doesn't have a completely pink makeover. Both species are native to African regions.

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