Mossy Bay Island

Mossy Bay Island

Mossy Bay Island is a fictional location taking place in the Atlantic Ocean.


It is home to a grumpy old walrus (with a French accent) and a group of four puffins who play soccer. The only known resident not to be on land is Thelma (a sperm whale). Gunnar (a seagull) is also one of the residents to live in the island.

The animals that are found on this island are mostly aquatic animals. They range from crabs to starfish and worms to snails. Many birds (such as gulls and other sea birds) are found on this island.



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A seahorse in the ocean.

The ocean is the place where the puffins started swimming.

In the ocean, the sea floor is only shown. The animals found in the ocean are seahorses, Atlantic fishes, and aquatic invertebrates. The ocean is also home to whales and many other types of mammals.

Known Residents

  • Thomas, Sharon, Lewis, and Jamie the Puffins
  • Hercule Mustache the Walrus
  • Thelma the Whale
  • Jack Big Claw the Crab
  • Gunnar the Seagull


Season 2

  • The Story of Hercule Mustache (mentioned only)
  • The Story of the Puffins of Mossy Bay (first appearance)

Season 3

  • The Story of Jamie the Littlest Puffin
  • The Story of the Puffins' Treasure
  • The Story of Thelma the Whale

Season 4

  • The Story of the Whale Trip
  • The Story of the Record-Breaking Puffins


  • This island is very similar to the island from Wild Kratts.

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