Lily the Ostrich Chick is Audrey's daughter. She has a brother named Doogal.

Physical Appearance

Lily looks like her mother Audrey. However, she has a plumage of purple feathers.


Lily is a very emotional daughter. She can be very grumpy when the animals begin to ignore her. Lily is eventually overprotective of her egg that was laid by her mum Audrey.


Season 3

  • The Story of Lily's Little Brother (first appearance)




  • Both, Lily and Lucy have four letters in their names. Their names also start with the letter "L" and end with the letter "Y".
    • This could be sharing the similar counterparts of Lucy
  • In addition, "Lily" and "Audrey" both end with the letter "Y". This is because she and Audrey are ostriches.

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