Oh! Please, girls! Keep the noise down!
~ Audrey, sensitive about her eggs.
Close up of Audrey


Audrey the Ostrich is a maternal ostrich who cares for her eggs. She is also very good at giving other characters advice.

Physical Appearance

Audrey has a plumage of black feathers.


Audrey has a good relationship at giving visitors advice. The egg of Audrey also is one of the interest what she must do every day. Audrey is apparently busy and agony.


Season 1

  • The Story of Nelson the Elephant (first appearance)
  • The Story of Giggles and Tickles
  • The Story of Zed the Zebra (book only, no lines)
  • The Story of Georgina the Giraffe
  • The Story of Herbert the Warthog (two lines only)
  • The Story of the Juicy Fruit Tree
  • The Story of the Elephant Bird
  • The Story of Toby the Tortoise
  • The Story of Ronald and the Tic Tic Bird
  • The Story of Audrey's Egg
  • The Story of Molly and Nathalie
  • The Story of Doris the Duck
  • The Story of Eddie's Big Adventure

Season 2

  • The Story of Reginald's Big Sleep
  • The Story of Kevin's Magic Trick (no lines)
  • The Story of Isabel the Flamingo
  • The Story of Herbert and the Watermelon of Doom
  • The Story of Alan the Aardvark
  • The Story of the Important Visitor
  • The Story of Ronald and Rosie
  • The Story of Nathalie's Neighbors
  • The Story of Casper the Chameleon
  • The Story of Seamus the Stork
  • The Story of Victor the Crocodile

Season 3

  • The Story of Nelson's Nephew Nigel
  • The Story of Georgina, Queen of Fashion
  • The Story of Lily's Little Brother
  • The Story of Toby's New House
  • The Story of Patsy the Porcupine
  • The Story of Alan's Catchy Tune
  • The Story of Doris's Precious Things

Season 4

  • The Story of the End of the Rainy Season Clean
  • The Story of the House of Leaves
  • The Story of Ronald and His Boulders
  • The Story of Reginald's New Look





  • Despite having a plumage of black feathers, only males have a plumage of black feathers.
  • She is the first character whose name starts with the letter "A". This does not count "Anita", which is the Brazilian name of Nathalie.
  • Audrey has a different voice in the American version of 64 Zoo Lane. She is also voiced by Megg Nicol.
  • She is very similar to Cassandra. Both, she and Cassandra are very good at greeting other residents and giving them advice.
  • Audrey has a daughter named Lily in Episode 55, along with her little brother Doogal.
  • As revealed in Episode 40, she admitted she can fly with the other birds. This is false, because an ostrich cannot fly. She was just pretending to fly.

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