Before editing the wiki, please follow all the rules. Failure to follow all the rules will result a warning or a block.


  • Make sure your language is English (UK/US) on pages.
  • Do not revert/undo good edits without reason.
  • Don't create pages not related to 64 Zoo Lane.
  • All pages must be related to 64 Zoo Lane.
  • No using foul language in on pages. It is a kid-friendly wiki.
  • No vandalizing wiki. All vandals will cause a warning.
  • Don't add anything fanon on pages. Fan-fiction includes:
    • Creating pages for animals and characters that do not appear in the 64 Zoo Lane Universe
    • Creating fake episodes and seasons not confirmed by Millimages or author An Vrombaut
  • Don't add false information in pages (for example, Jodi Benson is the narrator of the TV series, Lucy is a user's friend, Mr. Platypus is native to Africa, etc.). Instead, add in correct information (for example, the puffins are friends with Mister Mustache).
  • When adding episodes on articles, please put them in correct order writing it in official upload/storyboard development style (for example, list The Ronald and the Tic Tic Bird story as Episode 15 rather than Episode 21).
  • Avoid renaming pages into gibberish. This will result in a block.
  • No plagiarism allowed in this wiki. Plagiarism is copying stuff from another site or another Wiki and this is very lazy work. One plagiarism can cause a warning or a block.
  • 64 Zoo Lane was made in Europe and characters are voiced by voice actors in the UK and the first and second season were re-dubbed to have American accents. Do not remove UK voice actors or you would get a warning or a block.


You can upload images on articles, but it must be related to the cartoon made by Millimages on pages. However, don't post any non-Zoo Lane images on pages. In addition, you can also upload the image of Vrombaut, the Belgian-born English author. You can also upload screencaptures from YouTube, DailyMotion, etc..

  • Don't post fan images on pages. Only post them on your user pages.
  • All images now must relate to 64 Zoo Lane as part of new rules. However, images of 64 Zoo Lane in other media (not fanon) are acceptable.
  • Don't upload duplicate images. This will result a warning.
  • Images that contain bad photos (such as crime scenes or anything that violates the Terms of Service policy) are against Wikia's Terms of Service. These images include real-life scenes and must not be uploaded at all.


  • All videos must relate to 64 Zoo Lane.
  • Don't upload non-English versions of 64 Zoo Lane.
  • Don't upload YouTube Poop videos. This can result a warning.

User Talk Pages

  • Do not remove warnings from your talk page. This would give out a second warning; if removed again, a final warning; after that will be an expiration block or permanent.
  • Inappropriate behaviour on talk pages can result in permanent block.